May 19, 2022

Metro flight school expanding to Eppley as interest in piloting grows

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Airlines across the country are looking for pilots, as the shortage has led to flight changes and cancellations for many.

But a metro-area flight school is expanding to fill the need of those interested in ending that shortage.

“We’re moving part of our operation over to Eppley at this time, just simply because we’re running out of room here, outgrowing the airport here,” says Jerome Howard, the Chief Flight Instructor at Revv Aviation.

Revv Aviation’s flight school is in Council Bluffs.

The company partner’s with the University of Nebraska-Omaha’s flight programs and helps dozens of students graduate as pilots each year.

“I’ve been flying for just about 40 years,” Howard tells 6 News.

Howard says moving some of their operations to Omaha isn’t just convenient for flight students, it also helps them be better prepared for the real world.

“It gives the students exposure to a towered airport as opposed to a non-towered airport cause once they get that exposure and move on to bigger aircraft, professional careers, that’s what they’re going to be dealing with probably 95% of the time.”

Despite industry-wide shortages of pilots and challenges brought on by the pandemic, Howard says interest in the flight program has grown over the years.

“Regional airlines are paying retention bonuses for pilots to stay, hiring bonuses for new pilots to come on, so they’re seeing the need to keep pilots in the industry and to do something to keep them there,” he adds.

So, just how long will it take current students to enter the industry and help with those shortages?

Through UNO, the flight program is four years.

“But, if you came out here and decided that you wanted to fly without going through the university program, you can get all your ratings within about three years, three and a half years,” Howard says.

For those interested in taking a discovery flight, or learning how to fly yourself, you can visit the Revv Aviation website.

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