November 17, 2022

FAA Approves Second-in-Command Professional Development Program for Revv Aviation

AURORA. Ill., Nov. 17, 2022 – Thomas Guillemot, first officer, has been flying airplanes for the past six years and was instructing students at Revv Aviation’s Aurora FBO when he was asked to join the company’s charter pilot program.

After company indoctrination and a week of aircraft ground school followed by full-motion King Air training in Tampa, Fla., Guillemot began his first officer flying with Revv Aviation’s second-in-command (SIC) professional development program (PDP).

The Federal Aviation Administration recently approved Revv Aviation’s second-in-command (SIC) professional development program (PDP) and issued Operations Specifications A062.

The FAA-approved SIC PDP, allows a Part 135 charter pilot serving as second-in-command in a multi- or single engine airplane to log SIC flight during operations that do not require a second pilot.

Revv Aviation pilots will gain valuable time toward an FAA Airline Transport Pilot rating by flying in its turbine charter fleet that includes two King Air 350s, two King Air 200s and a King Air C90. This will speed up the process to become a charter captain.

“The second-in-command professional development program is a positive step as the industry struggles to meet workforce challenges,” said Brian Koester, National Business Aviation Association’s senior manager of operations, when the FAA announced the program in 2019. “We encourage Part 135 operators that qualify to request authorization and implement this program as an option for developing new talent.”

Revv Aviation’s Director of Operations Danny Looney says the program is giving younger pilots great experience and opportunity, while providing Revv charter customers an additional pilot to ensure quality and safety. “The industry is experiencing a shortage of pilots and we can expect that to continue for 20 years, so any opportunity we have to provide next-level experience and training, will benefit our customers, our pilots and our company.”

Guillemot, who has been flying for six years, was a flight instructor for Revv in Aurora before being asked to join the charter pilot team. “This is great,” said Guillemot. “There’s always something new, whether it’s a destination or a different airplane. From what I’m seeing, I plan to remain a charter pilot when I get my hours because it’s more of an adventure and I love the customer service aspect of charter – meeting great customers, helping them with their baggage and being much more personable than commercial piloting.”

Scott Friedman has been a pilot for more than two decades, but he took some time off from his flying passion to pursue other interests. This year, he wanted to be back in the pilot’s seat.

“I have about 1,000 hours in the King Airs, but it’s been a while since I’ve flown so Revv put me into the PDP, which allowed me to sit in the right seat to get my skills back up to speed,” said Friedman.

Revv currently has six pilots in the program. “I’m in a different stage of life than our younger pilots,” said Friedman. “I just love to fly. For them, however, it’s a great time-builder where they gain valuable experience with King Airs and turbines while putting them on a faster track to become a captain.”

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