May 2, 2022

A New Personal Aviation Story (and Brand) Begins

And just like that, a new aviation company is born.

I am very proud to share that today our website goes live. Carver Aero is now Revv Aviation. 

Revv Aviation is a family-owned, legacy-born aviation services company. Aviation at its best impacts people, making their lives better and connecting them in more meaningful ways. That’s what Revv is aiming to do.

Our vision: to be a good steward of aviation for the next 100 years.

Revv lives inside small towns

Every story is conceived from an idea, oftentimes in a random “what-if” moment. The idea for Revv began with our founders, Inga Carus and Peter Limberger. Through their company, CL Enterprises, they champion small towns and that’s where we operate.

We believe there’s great value in community airports. What’s happened in the past twenty years or thirty years in aviation is that people have been pushed away from airports. 

Many of us believe, and rightly so, airports are places where it’s hustle and bustle, a place where you get your things inspected and you get patted down before you get on the airplane. 

Very few people are aware that local airports provide a great outlet, a place where they can go and relax and experience aviation again.

Community airports were built to serve the community. 

Here is our purpose: to introduce personal aviation to more people across America’s Heartland.

Aviators and flight students welcome

We are seven locations strong and growing. All of our FBO hubs provide a one-stop shop of aviation services, from flight training to aircraft maintenance to charter services and more. I am very proud to share with you our inaugural Revv locations: AURORA, IL (KARR); COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA (KCBF); DAVENPORT, IA (KDVN); JANESVILLE, WI (KJVL); MUSCATINE, IA (KMUT); SCHAUMBURG, IL (06C); SIOUX CITY, IA (KSUX).

Here’s our tagline: aviation, from the ground up. 

Are Midwest values really a thing?

Yes! Our Midwest focus is more than where we work and live.

The phrase “Midwest values” describes hard working heroes who do an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. It means humbleness and integrity and helping others without hesitation. This is our promise to flight students, aviators and travelers.  

Here are our values: 

WONDER. We believe in the wonder of flying. 

ACCESSIBILITY. We believe the skies are for everyone. 

COMMUNITY. We believe in small towns. 

PEOPLE. We believe in heroes.

EXCELLENCE. We believe in pursuing excellence, not for our glory, but for the betterment of those we serve. 

Remember making paper airplanes?

Remember the first time you saw an airplane in the sky? Or felt the engines rumble as you took off for the first time? Or even made a paper airplane that sailed across the room? That’s the feeling we want to bring back to aviation. 

Aviation inspires all of us to think bigger. When we look to the sky and see a plane, it still takes our breath away. There it is. The wonder of flying. The wonder of all that aviation brings to an entire industry, community, enterprise, family and, last but certainly not least, to you and your dreams and goals. 

We believe more people should have the opportunity to experience the joy and sense of wonder of flying at its best. By operating King Airs as a major component of our charter fleet, we expand the opportunities to fly even more. 

All this leads to what we see as the new era of personal aviation. 

For pilots, personal aviation means aviation services delivered with a personal touch, extra care of their aircraft and respect for their time. 

For travelers, personal aviation means accessible and affordable charter services at local community airports close to home – without the stress, mediocrity and hassle of commercial airlines.

For flight students, personal aviation means we are a stakeholder in their pilot training every step of the way. 

For Revv team members, personal aviation means more career opportunities within our company and a family culture. 

For community members, it means a greater commitment to the small towns we serve.

This is aviation, from the ground up – all the aviation services you need to enjoy flight more abundantly, in the air and on the ground.

We’re a new company with a legacy story 

From our parent company, CL Enterprises, which believes in “small towns, big ideas,” to the legacy aviation companies now in the Revv family, we are built upon the shoulders of great men and women aviators like Roy Carver Sr. and Roy Carver Jr. of Muscatine, Iowa; Dan Smith and his daughter Lisa LaMantia of Council Bluffs, Iowa; Robert Luman Sr. and his sons Bob Jr. and Mike Luman of Aurora, Ill., and Mark McKinney, also of Aurora. (You can read more in the recently published article in Aviation Pros.) 

Imagine a world where small towns are connected, not just by roads but by airways. I am so humbled and thankful to all our customers and team who have brought Revv Aviation to this point. I invite you to join us on this new journey. Stop by for a visit and a cup of coffee. Or simply drop me a note, and let me know how you’re doing.

Experience an Introductory Flight with a Certificated Flight Instructor – and actually fly the plane. For $99, it’s a great gift for the adventurers in your life.
Experience an Introductory Flight with a Certificated Flight Instructor – and actually fly the plane. For $99, it’s a great gift for the adventurers in your life.
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